School Directions


1000 S. Ann Street

Mobile, AL 36605

Phone 251-221-1155 Fax 251-221-1151


About the School


The Craighead Pledge


I pledge allegiance to Craighead, my school. I pledge to be an honest and helpful person. I promise to do my part to keep our building and campus clean and neat. Most of all, I pledge to be the BEST student I can be so that my parents and teachers will be proud of me and I will be proud of myself.

Our Beliefs

  • All students at Craighead can learn.
  • Each student will be provided opportunities that will prepare him/her for a life-long educational journey.
  • A hands-on, motivated learning atmosphere will be provided as well as a variety of instructional approaches so that each student's needs are addressed.
  • Teachers, faculty, staff, and community members will provide a secure, stimulating atmosphere for the students at Craighead Elementary.
  • Students will work together to succeed in conjunction with the state of Alabama requirements.